Control 9 - Gabriella Fox


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Control 9 - Gabriella Fox
Date: 07/15/2008

The description: Gabriella Fox, the attractive young lady featured on the front cover, was up last and as the latest contract gal in a debut scene at Digital Playground, my first reaction was that her implants were too big for her body. As the dressing up portion of her scene continued, serving as a tease, I noticed her face, flat stomach, and otherwise nicely proportioned body though. She went into the sitting room with Mick Blue and he couldn't keep his hands off of her; taking snapshots with his camera phone as he posed the lovely lady like many an amateur cameraman would love to do. She initially wanted to leave for some planned outing and didn't want to be late but horned up Mick couldn't stop, the novice performer even enjoying his foot fetish tricks. I'm not that keen on newcomers for the most part so I didn't expect a whole lot here but her perky ass infatuated Mick and they started kissing as if both parties were into it. He ate her out and she reciprocated with an enthusiastic hummer, the largely passive vaginal ride weak compared to the previous four scenes but still showing some potential by the gal. The scene ended with a foot job and hummer, Gabriella jerking him off to her face after one last missionary romp. Not bad for a first scene though I believe she has shot a few before this one that might help explain her evolution from brand new gal to contract hotty.

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