Coach Austin and Jake Norris

Coach Austin and Jake Norris

Here on HDK we have Coach Austin barebacking Jake Norris. This scene has lots of sucking, fucking and a creampie not to be missed. HDK delivers the finest models doing their best at what they do best. Matter of fact, Jake does his best, three times! Cum along, as you watch with total "assess." The coach begins things, by bringing his "A game" to Jake's cock. Sucking the shaft, and not forgetting to spend some quality time on the head, Jake is ready to go, fast. Sliding into a sling, Coach Austin attends to more of Jake's snake. "Yeah, grab my balls" moans Jake as he is orally aroused. The camera pans behind both of the models, so we can really appreciate what it takes to be "fucking" great.

Both these guys are so sexy, muscular and well equipped to handle anything "laid" before them. Jake then positions himself, and his hole in the sling, ready to be fucked. From the side, as Coach slides in, both immediately grunt and moan; Jake begs, "fuck me." Yanking his chains, Coach Austin seems to have found just the right rhythm and technique as he fucks. Working on the coaches nipples, Jake also jerks himself; the coach goes balls deep, "fill it up" moans Jake.

The two slurp and slap body parts together as they feel it, deep. "Fuck me faster and hard," grunts Jake as he spews a load onto his stomach; the coach continues to pound. From below, Jake's hole is receiving all of the coach's attention. Jake then explodes again, and again within minutes. I don't know what special abilities the coach is using, but sign me up for his team! It's now Coach Austin's turn; he takes a few minutes away from the camera to get close, and then shoves his cock back up Jake's ass. Knocking on Jake's back door, hard, the coach delivers an explosive load inside his partner. Spreading Jake's cheeks, the coach even goes back in, orally, to clean Jake up, and down.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:30
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4408kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 585.3 MB

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