Check Out the Check In at Le Depot

Check Out the Check In at Le Depot

Kevin Archer is at the Le Depot, a popular cruise bar in Paris getting ready to open when a customer, Bryan Helliot, walks in the door looking for action. Kevin explains the bar isn't open yet, one thing leads to another being they're both horny.
Kevin is quick to drop his pants and Bryan is even quicker to drop to his knees and starts to service Kevin's cock. Kevin has one of those short fat cocks that all of us would love to service! :)
Now it's Kevin's turn to service Bryan's ass. Bryan assumes the position bending over the counter at the "check in" while Kevin slips on a condom. It might be the "check in" counter, but Kevin is sure doing a lot of "checking out" as he probes Bryans' tight ass.
With one leg up over the railing, we get a great shot of Bryan's uncut cock and balls flopping in the breeze while Kevin continues to pound his ass. Close to cumming, both men jerk off and blow a couple loads well worth "checking out" at the "check in" counter.

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Duration: 18:37
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