CFS - Ashton Fucks Tom [06.April.2013]


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CFS - Ashton Fucks Tom [06.April.2013]

Run Time: 23m 29s
File Size: 866 MB
Released: 4/6/2013
Format: HD
CFSelect Exclusive
File Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 24:04
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The biker and the bouncer - it sounds more like the beginning of a fight. Since this is CF Select, rest assured the ending will be sticky, but no blows get thrown (in a manner of speaking …)

Tom hasn't bottomed for a while, so our resident biker is ready to saddle up and ride Ashton's thick cock. Ashton sucks Tom and then eats out Tom's ass, getting it ready for his dick. He slides it into Tom's hole and fucks him from behind.

Tom's ready to ride, and he climbs up onto Ashton's cock. Ashton fucks up into Tom until Tom blows his load all over his stomach. Ashton cums, then shoves his cock back into Tom's ass one last time before they hit the showers.

Ashton II
Tom II