CB-Luda Wayne

CB-Luda Wayne

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Meet Luda Wayne: blue-eyed hunk with a thick uncut cock that's so long he often enjoys cumming in his own face. When asked to describe what sexual role he prefers, Luda says without hesitation that he's 50/50 with an emphasis on giving his partner a facial. An added bonus to having such divided tastes in sex and a big cock is that he can enjoy each at the same time. That's right, Luda likes to dominate HIMSELF!

Imagine our surprise when we watched him jerk off, lean back on the bed, and then squirt his cum all over his face. Now that requires talent! In case you're wondering, there was definitely some that got into his mouth, too -- it reminded me of those drawings by M.C. Escher where a fountain is feeding itself. So I guess my nickname for Luda is Escher.

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