CB-Bravo & Dillon Rossi

CB-Bravo & Dillon Rossi

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When two attractive guys meet each other for the first time, it can sometimes be a little awkward. Â But that was not the case with Colby Keller and Anthony Romero. Â When they first sat down, they had no problem telling each other their dirtiest secrets, kinkiest sex stories, and what they love to do with a guy. Colby couldn't resist telling Anthony how much he wanted to stick his tongue in his ass, while Anthony said he loves to get dominated (and tied up, too, but we already knew that)!
A few seconds later, both guys were butt naked and making out with Colby's fingers deep inside Anthony's hole. Â Anthony had said that some guys don't really know how to finger him, but by the way he was moaning with Colby, we're pretty sure that Colby hit the spot! Colby's next question to Anthony was how he wanted to take his huge, hard cock -- gentle and slow or hard and rough? Â Of course, Anthony wanted it rough and Colby giddily obliged.

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