CB- Andre and Felix Flip-fuck

CB- Andre and Felix Flip-fuck

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One of the best things about my Cockboys is that they aren't afraid of mixing it up once in a while. Sometimes they're taking a nice fat dick and sometimes they're givin' to a nice tight ass. And sometimes - if we're lucky - they do both. Jesse and Phenix are just hot. No special circumstances about this scene. Just two smokin' hot dudes who wanted to fuck the hell out of each other - so they did! And I caught it on film! They start off by taking turns sucking on each other's nice fat cocks. Props to Phenix - his BJ skills are REALLY getting impressive. He get's Jesse so worked up that Jesse straps on a condom, bends Phenix over, and goes to town on his ass. Phenix, who used to only be a top, had no complaints. He likes it so much he decides he wants to ride it. He sits Jesse down and starts bouncin' up and down on his cock - fucking himself on his dick. But then it's Jesse's turn to get fucked. Phenix lays Jesse down and really plows into him - and Jesse loves every second of it. He starts fucking him so hard you can hear Phenix's balls slapping against Jesse's tight ass over the sound of Jesse's moans. Finally Jesse can't take anymore and blows his load all over his stomach. Phenix quickly pulls out and sprays Jesse down with a load of his own. Variety...the spice of life. Check it.

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