Cameron Bangs Elliot

Cameron Bangs Elliot

Elliot revealed to us that he's bottomed before, but that it had been years since he'd been topped. The last newbie that Cameron broke in was Scott � and clearly, he did a great job there, since Scott's become such a rising star at CF. I knew Cameron's irrepressible humor and sensual nature would be perfect at reigniting Elliot's skills as a catcher . Cameron has truly become a great mentor in a short space of time. He guides freshmen through their paces and puts them at ease. As great as his sense of humor is though, there's no denying Cameron is just plain hot! His gorgeous face, tight body, not to mention his cock and that amazing bubble butt � actually, how is that putting anyone at ease? It's just horning me up! Сameron kisses his way down Elliot's bare chest and stomach. He slides back up to Elliot's lips, and then back down to Elliot's nipples. Elliot smiles when Cameron asks how he likes it. Cameron goes down on Elliot. Elliot's dick stiffens in Cameron's hot mouth. Cameron kisses the shaft and balls, and slaps Elliot's cock against his tongue. Elliot strokes Cameron's dick as he gets sucked. Cameron feeds his cock to Elliot. Elliot swallows Cameron's dick hungrily. Cameron rubs Elliot's back, then slaps his ass. He fingers Elliot's crack � Cameron's ready to start fucking!Elliot spreads his ass for Cameron. Cameron lubes up and slides his cock inside Elliot. It may be Elliot's first time in years, but he quickly takes every inch of Cameron's cock. Cameron pounds Elliot doggy-style. He fucks Elliot faster, eventually pushing Elliot down onto the bed. He kisses Elliot's neck as he bangs him. Elliot flips onto his back. Cameron shoves his dick back inside Elliot's tight hole. Cameron rams his cock in, as Elliot strokes his own dick. Elliot shoots his load. Cameron jackhammers Elliot even faster and cums inside Elliot. They kiss. You can tell Elliot's happy he had such a hot guy to break him back into the joys of being

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