Intporn Vip Bronse

Cam is hogtied on an oak table in a light-filled room. He can’t remember the guy’s name; he’s just another rich client – but this one likes to tie him up and watch him struggle. He knows the guy loves to see his taut ass and impressive chest and abs flex and unflex as he struggles against tight ropes. Usually it’s not a big deal, but this time, the ropes are really hurting him – and it’s getting worse. After hours hogtied on the table, Cam finds himself chained, soaking wet, in a cold room. His wrists are still tightly roped and his thighs and calves have been roped together, forcing him to squat painfully. The guy loves watching him suffer. He loves ripping his clothes off piece by piece. He loves hearing him moan in pain. Will it ever end?

Format : MPEG-4 | Resolution : 1280 x 720