Caleb Ramble solo – Hot Hung Muscle with Extra Girth, Foreskin.. and Arseplay!

Caleb Ramble solo – Hot Hung Muscle with Extra Girth, Foreskin.. and Arseplay!

Studio: HardBritlads

Cute little Caleb Ramble is a serious fittie, with an incredibly hot muscular body, a big beautiful muscular butt, and a very thick uncut cock with lots of foreskin, which he loves to play with… And in this scorching solo Caleb gives you alot of everything.

Caleb starts off in gym vest and shiny black sports shorts. His body is stunning, he is muscular without being huge, and beautifully proportioned, with incredible abs, big strong thighs, great calves, tight pecs and biceps.. Even though he is wearing his sports kit at the start, you can see right away that his body is spectacular.

He lifts his vest to reveal his awesome six pack, then takes it off to play with his nipples. He flexes his biceps for us, then grips the big meaty bulge in his shiny shorts. Caleb reaches for some body oil, and pours it overs his chest and rubs it in, his pecs and abs really standing out now, looking even better than before.

His hands go back to his dick, which is looking very big and hard inside his shorts, and he grips it at the base, showing us the shape of it, and squeezes it, before pulling down his shorts, giving us an even more tantalising hint at the size and thickness of it, as it strains against the fabric of his white boxers.

Finally, after a bit more teasing, Caleb slowly peels down his boxers so we can finally see what an incredible cock he has. Its a good 8 inches, but since Caleb is quite a little lad, it looks bigger than 8. It is thick all the way to the end, but even thicker at the base. He pours oil over his dick, and massages it in, rubbing it into his smooth balls as well.

He has plenty of foreskin, and he licks his finger, then pushes it inside his foreskin, rubbing it around the head of his cock, sliding it back and forth under the skin. Foreskin lovers will really love this, as Caleb gives us loads of great foreskin action, and most of it is in tight close ups.

Caleb combines foreskin action with jerking off, and we have lots of great shots from below as well as point of view shots, a very horny cock close ups. Then he turns around to show us his spectacular arse, and rubs loads of oil into it. His butt cheeks are big and round and muscular and completely smooth. He pulls his cheeks apart to show us his pink hairless hole.

Next, Caleb moves onto the sofa, and gets on all fours, to show off his butt in another very horny position, pushing his meaty stiff down between his legs, giving us great shots of arse, hole and dick all in the same shot. Very hot.

After that, he turns over onto his back ad starts to jerks off a bit with one hand, whilst the other hand plays with his arse, rubbing it, then getting his fingers wet with plenty of spit, and he starts to finger himself. First with one finger, he pushes it all the way right up to his knuckle. His cock throbs. He takes his finger out, gets a load of spit onto two fingers now, and pushes them both in together, as far as they will go, and he massages his g spot whilst jerking off. His fat dick is never less than rock solid.

With two fingers still deep inside his arse, Caleb jerks off harder and faster now, and it doesnt take long before he is spunking thick white creamy jets of hot jizz up his chest and onto his shiny sweaty abs. He keeps going, and when the last of the cum has been squeezed out, he dips a finger into the cum, scooping it up onto his fingertip, and puts it in his mouth, to taste and swallow it. He takes some more cum, pushes it into his arse, and then takes it out to taste it… SUCH a horny lad.

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Duration: 11:51
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