Cade Fucks Dante

Cade Fucks Dante

A short while back, I was lounging around at home doing some work, watching a bit of TV, and happened to also be exchanging text messages with Dante, discussing what he felt so far about his experiences at Corbin Fisher and if he was having fun. Suffice to say, he was having a blast! His match ups with Lucas were fantasies fulfilled and he expressed still being pretty blown away about everything that was happening and that he was right in the thick of things among guys and on a site he’d been fond of for awhile.

Paraphrasing here, because text message spelling and grammar don’t look too great when written out here:

“After Lucas, which other guys do you think are hot?” I asked.

“Well, I’m kind of looking forward to having my turn with Cade!” was his response.

Seems Dante was well aware that taking on The Machine is a something most every CF stud must do, and Dante also saw full well just how great a time many of his fellow CF studs had with Cade! He was quite looking forward to his turn!

I had a feeling Cade would enjoy it, as well. Both of these guys are muscular, football playing studs. Though every type of pairing brings with it conditions and circumstances that can make for an insanely hot time, there’s no doubt that getting two guys together who love the same sports, can see similar athleticism in each other, and their same dedication to working out often does wonders!

So it wasn’t long after that text conversation that I was standing next to a bed, camera in hand, filming Dante and Cade going at it! Just before filming started, though, I asked Dante what position would be best for him to cum in while getting fucked.

“I’m not even thinking about that,” he responded. “I’m just going to focus on holding on and hanging in there!”

I found it so hot that, as far as he was concerned, taking on Cade and getting fucked by him good and hard was as good as, if not better than, getting off at the end! As they say, it’s the journey and not the destination! :)

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