Bullet Videopac 2 Bullet Productions 1982

Bullet Videopac 2 / Bullet Productions / 1982

Studio: Bullet Productions
Cast: Bruno, Don Scott, Tony Russo, Bull Dozier, Rod Mitchell, Pete Bronsky, Chuck Samson
Year: 1982
Runtime: 58 min
Country: US
Bull has been hired to do a little carpentry at a pal's beach house, but he finds the lure of the boss's hot tub too much to resist. Aroused by the warm water pulsating around his body, Bull turns himself on (and us with him) until he's finally off. The film crew had a tough time keeping their minds on their work for this one!

Deep in the bowels of an apartment building in the city, Pete, the superintendent, has a private hideaway. Tony, Pete's young assistant, has discovered this pad and crashed on a couch in the corner. Pete arrives for a little solo beer-bash, gets stoned and turns himself on looking over the pinups on his walls. All of this activity has awakened Tony, and the sight of Pete's nude muscular body arouses his natural desires and he too is quickly stripped down for action. Pete is unaware of his audience - or is he? The answer comes in a surprising double climax!

We all have our little fantasies and husky Chuck Samson is no exception. His cool eye quickly detects the hot qualities of muscular pool cleaner Don Scott and his vivid imagination and our probing cameras take it from there. A beautifully-filmed and highly erotic dream movie with an ironic twist that will leave you smiling.

Rod gets around and this time he's on Fire Island helping his workout buddy Bruno through his paces. But Bruno's of a good workout has nothing to do with sit-ups and Rod has a few of his own as well. Together they manage to work off their excess energies in a more interesting manner, starting on the deck and working their way into the bedroom. But no bed can confine these two mighty titans for long, and soon they're back outside again for the second double-whammy climax!


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