Brutal Tops - Session 94 Brutal Cops

Brutal Tops - Session 94: Brutal Cops

Session 94: Master Derek & Master Toby
Brutal cops Master Derek and Master Toby are beginning to think slutty solicitor rupert fancies them. Every time he turns up in the police station custody suite to visit a prisoner these two nasty pieces of work find more and more extreme ways to control, dominate and humiliate him, and still he comes back for more.

Derek hand gags rupert making the useless cunt flustered and disorientated; Gasping for breath the solicitor is kicked, belted and punched into submission by his Masters in readiness for a custody search.

The search proves fruitless except for a cashpoint ATM card. Knowing a solicitors salary and police officers wage are poles apart Master Derek seizes an easy way to humiliate and exploit the posh prick, demanding the pin code for the card knowing full well rupert will not be forthcoming with the information.

After an awkward few minutes of hesitation and thinking time, punished by hard blows to his body, rupert finally blurts out a number that neither Derek or Toby believe is the real pin. Or if they do, they are beyond caring, beating up the solicitor is proving much more fun.

Tying a tight noose round rupert's neck with coarse rope Master Derek suspends the cunt from a pipe on the ceiling weighted at the end by heavy sandbags. That should keep him in place while the two Masters seductively tease and cajole the sub to reveal the real pin number to them.

Getting bored playing the role of good cops the two Masters resort to form, bad and brutally nasty cops, kicking the sub and making him swing from the neck restraint, choking off his air supply and turning his face red.

Stripping naked Master Derek and Master Toby take turns to feed their thick hardening cocks into the subs open mouth, face fucking him and choking the ungrateful prick with their length. Fighting hard against the tight noose tugging around his neck to reach down and suckle his Master's cocks as ordered takes its toll on poor distraught rupert.

The final nail in the sub's coffin is Master Derek and Master Toby using his mouth and face as their urinal. Kneeling in a pool of his Master's piss, his body dripping in their stinking yellow waste, sub rupert looks broken and humiliated... What a useless piece of shit he is!

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