Brutal Tops - Session 88 Unnecessarily Cruel Police

Brutal Tops - Session 88: Unnecessarily Cruel Police

Session 88: Master Derek & Master Toby

Ever wondered what happened to the vicious school bully after his time in education came to an end? Most join the military; The really nasty ones became coppers.

Solicitor rupert has come to the custody suite of the local nick to interview a prisoner, but first he'll have to undergo a special police screening to ensure he's not trying to smuggle drugs, contraband or weapons in to his client.

This posh boy all suited and booted with his neat little leather briefcase will soon find out he's on Master Derek and Master Toby Fellow's turf now. They call the shots not some jumped up smug prick of a solicitor.

Rupert's resistance to fully submit under their rough handling starts to irk the officers. Grabbing the little shit from behind Derek uses his baton to gag the cunt and hold him still as Toby begins the strip search.

Standing naked and trembling in front of his tormentors the solicitor appears to be clean, but Derek and Toby's police training has taught them to take nothing at face value. Plus the fact they get a personal kick out of having total power over anyone who passes through their domain, able to use and defile them as they see fit without answering to anyone is what makes this job their perfect vocation.

Kneeing rupert on a pressure point in this thigh Master Toby brings the solicitor down quickly to the ground like a sack of shit. They stand the sub back up just so they can take turns gut punching the cunt to make him crumble back down onto the floor again. They love their job.

A good cropping across the sub's bare arse cheeks drives the message home that he is at their mercy. If rupert wants to get out of this police station hell he'll have to comply with their every demand, no matter how brutal or unnecessary it may seem.

Snapping on a pair of latex gloves Master Derek the solicitors puckered arse hole with a finger, probing around in the sub's anal cavity for prohibited goods or drugs. The hole is tighter than Derek expected so he has to be a lot rougher with his fingering to get the solicitor's sphincter to open up for him, ploughing his finger in and out of rupert's ruined arse.

Losing patience with the snotty nosed brief Master Toby drops his trousers and bends over to get his sweaty policeman's arse detailed by rupert's tongue; Feeling totally humiliated, the brief's sloppy wet tongue cleans every crevice around his Master's wrinkled hole, Derek ordering the solicitor to suck Toby's arse hairs clean of any sweat or crap.

Securing rupert's hands and feet together with cable ties the assault intensifies, the Master's using every humiliation in the book to dominate and own the once proud solicitor and submit to their control.

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