boys of the riverside drive

boys of the riverside drive

The Boys From Riverside Drive is a nice insight to an era long gone. Back in the days when gay porn almost had to have a plot, this film harkens to a time when being gay meant you were almost a societal outcast.

The entire period is played as showed to a college to learn about the mating rituals of gay New Yorkers. After a brief introduction with John Holmes, the main plot focuses on the first year anniversary of Roy and Steve. As the romantic dinner turns sour, Roy ends up blowing the freight elevator headman. Steve ends up getting locked out and blowing the building super's son. Steve's ex comes over to comfort him, only to be tied up and fucked by a singing telegram guy. In the end, Steve and Roy make up in the living room in some extremely hot sex.

The film, although slow at times, does provide enlightening insight to the gay lifestyle of the late 1970's. Besides a few untypical gay lookers, Steve is probably the cutest of the cast. With a baby boy face, and a nice slim body, he is quite the looker.

The bareback sex is pretty hot, although you can tell this was one of the first films of its kind ever made at that time. Camera angles are usually far away shots and sometimes-just plain awkward. However, the men themselves are great in the sack, and provide an excellent performance.

This movie is a must-have for collectors or those who enjoy gay retro-porn films. Nicely done and made, one could only wish the film were of a bit higher digital quality, so you could truly enjoy the breathtaking bodies shown on the screen.

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