Boarding School Hero Hangin' Tree Ranch 1974

Boarding School Hero / Hangin' Tree Ranch / 1974

Studio: Hangin' Tree Ranch, Le Salon Video
Cast: Barry, Brad, Bruce, Gordon, Jeff Colt, John, Lenny, Mac, Peter, Ray, Rick, Ruben
Genre: pre-condom, cadets, bareback, vintage, orgie
Year: 1974
Runtime: 60 min
At a private school for boys, the students practice the ups and down of cock stroking. Mostly j/o but it does build to some ass work.
1. Two guys jerk off on a couch.
2. Students watch an initiate who has to jerk off with a blindfold over his eyes.
3. For his school uniform a guy gets his measurements taken, including dick size.
4. Guy jerks off while watching another nude student.
5. Guys jerk off while waiting for the john, but the guy inside is jerking off too.
6. Two nake guys horse around and end up with each other's cocks in their mouths in a 69.
7. Two guys fuck in bed.
8. Two guys fuck on a water bed.
9. Two guys jerk of on a couch.
10. Three guys suck and rim in a living room.
11. Three guys suck and jerk off.
12. Orgie.



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