BMR - Butch Bloom & James Roscoe

BMR - Butch Bloom & James Roscoe

View enough porn and eventually you’ll see just about everything there is to see that’s sexually charged. Some, in our opinion, isn’t worth viewing again. However, one thing that IS worth watching — repeatedly, we may add — is the way in which porn stars tap into their inner opposite. For instance, let’s say a hot man with a really big dick has made a name for himself as a top. Most times, that top goes on his merry way without ever going bottom; at least on camera. And then there are those who wish to experiment, letting it all out for the world to see. Butch Bloom is another example we’d like to offer you. We’ve mostly seen this adorable, cocky little fucker on the receiving end of cock, having bareback sex with complete abandon and a hunger for dick like we’ve never seen. But here, in this scene with James Roscoe, Butch plays with his inner top, allowing it to come out the way only a bottom can. By experience.

Butch and James get into some heavy-duty making out with a lot of cock sucking. Though they take turns and work their way into a 69, eventually, Butch rims James, eating out his hairy hole as if his life depended on it. It’s sexy as fuck and almost innocent the way the pups go at each other, frolicking about until it’s time to bury a bone. That’s when Butch lets loose and James willingly takes it like a good whore. Butch has been wanting to show off his skills as a top and, after watching him breed James, we think he does pretty well for himself. It seems all that bareback sex on the bottom sits well with Butch! Take a look and let us know what YOU think. Enjoy.

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Duration: 24:51
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