BlakeMason - Trey

BlakeMason - Trey

This hot newbie is going to melt some hearts and turn some other things very hard indeed! Trey's quite simply sex on legs - there's just no other way to describe him - he's the kind of guy that turns your head as he walks past you in the street ;-) And yes, I know that you know exactly what I mean! At 23 years of age he's only going to mature like a fine wine and hopefully his thick, fat uncut dick is going to get plenty of action in future right here!

What more can I tell you about Trey? Well, he works as a stylist and has done so for the past six years. But don't let that fool you in to thinking he’s the camp handbag swinging - he's far from it - in fact Trey's very much the "guy next door" that you'd sit at the window waiting to see every minute of every day! He's cool, confident, yet also endearingly coy, so much so that seeing him naked and jerking his cock somehow makes you feel very privileged...

But it's when we began filming that Trey's "specialness" turned in to rampant horniness! As he undresses he knows he has what it takes; he strips down and reveals his flawless body, deep golden tan and awesomely thick uncut dick! His hands meet his cock and away he goes, moaning and groaning like this is the best wank of his life ;-) He happily shows off his hair free hole (and his rock-hard cock is still visible from under his legs) before he lays back and takes himself to that magical point...

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