Billy Rubens Fucks Lloyd Adams

Billy Rubens Fucks Lloyd Adams

After participating in a threeway with JP Dubois and Lucas Davidson, Billy Rubens leaves the office to answer a service call. Lloyd Adam’s shower isn’t functioning properly and hasn’t been since the lights went out. But since Billy is preoccupied with what might be happening between him and JP, he’s not focused and winds up getting all wet. His expression is priceless and Lloyd does his best to make Billy feel comfortable. In fact, he persuades the mostly straight young jock out of his clothes for them to dry properly. While Billy wrings out his wet clothes, Lloyd zooms in, pulls the Russian towards him by his underwear and starts to suck his cock. Enjoying the job perks, buff Billy is soon returning the favor and Lloyd enjoys what is obviously a delicious blowjob. Except Lloyd needs something else and is soon asking Billy to fuck him.

Using Lloyd like any port in a storm, Billy takes his ass and uses the sweet tight hole being offered. Sinking balls deep inside the tall, skinny twink, Billy’s cum-laden balls swell and slap against Lloyd as the bottom gasps with pleasure, taking everything Billy has to give him — on his back, on his side, standing up and bent over — until Billy delivers a mouth-watering, lip-smacking load that hits Lloyd right in the face, lips, and tongue. Heavy sigh. Hang on. Waiter? More cream for my coffee, please.

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