Billy Rubens & Bryan Moore

Billy Rubens & Bryan Moore

After playing with a guest’s toys, Billy Rubens is called out on his intrusiveness by Bryan Moore. Naturally, when Bryan accuses Billy of using his toys, the sexy Russian twink denies it vehemently. Then he realizes there’s sex on the table. Without skipping a beat, Billy grabs Bryan by the tie and lunges. We’re talking tight liplock, intense kissing, and passionate grinding as Bryan is tossed back and sucked. It seems all that toy play has made Billy a lot hornier than he’d ever anticipated! But fear not, this doesn’t mean he needs dick up his ass. On the contrary. Billy is the one in need and he expresses his urges by sucking Billy off before giving up his ass for the hunk to use. Billy gladly uses some of Billy’s toys on him before spreading his legs and fucking his tight ass. All the while, Bryan is moaning and when he starts begging for more, Billy sprays him with a huge load of cum that Bryan greedily tastes before unleashing a big load of his own. Ahhh, these DreamBoy twinks. What are we going to do with them?

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