Bijou Two Handfuls 1988

Bijou / Two Handfuls / 1988

Studio: Bijou Classics
Cast: Brian Maxon, Mike Henson, Shane Michaels, Mike Gere, Steve Wright, Clint Parker, Gary Hurt, Jerry Dunne, David Edwards, Carl Walters, Bill Bix, Ron Taylor, Mike Stefano, Thom Littlewolf
Director: Matt Sterling, John Summers, John Travis
Genre: anal, pre-condom, threesome, rimming, masturbation, jockstrap
Year: 1988
Runtime: 87 min
Seriously muscled studs in serious pre-condom fucking, with some nice facial cumshots. Have a hanky handy, as this near-classic had us blowing our loads within minutes.

One of the studpups "narrates" each excursion; there's a hardon inducing one in which covermodel Maxon can't get any from his bitchy girlfriend, so he takes matters into his own hands - and I was smacking my own right along with him, trust me. He hooks up with a guy playing hoops nearby and all fuckin' hell breaks loose. Maxon later tackles a poolboy with equally semenistically-spurting results.

Other scenes include a collegiate duo romp, public workouts, and a bookstore/theatre tryst that made me quite happy. It's all straight boys getting it on - albeit, these are definitely some of the most perfectly toned cocksucking "straight" boys I've ever seen.



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