Bestseller AB : Colors of Passion


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Colors of Passion

Christina Love, Claude Rains, Ed Powers, Ed Powers, Ed Powers, Ed Powers, Jan Hedin, Jenny Svensson, Monti, Mr. X, Sandra Kalerman, Silk, Tanya Hansen, Ursula Dark
In the realm of mankind there may come a time when things aren't going right, when life seems like a struggle, when desperate houses arrive. In the life of a struggling artist like Vaughn Von Gustoff things aren't going right. He's in love with a prostitute that seems only to want his money. Life seems to be a struggle for him, his aren't isn't selling. Desperate hours have arrived for him. Living is a passion, passion has many colors. Caught in purgatory, Vaughn is faced with a choice. Ed Powers takes Vaught on a search for his zest for life. This is a love story, and a sexual adventure!
At one point I thought the world would never see my visions "Colors of Passion 1&2" because the video masters were misplaced in Europe, mysteriously. Thank goodness copies were made. You're viewing copy is a result of the good fortune. Please bare with the quality. Thank You. Made in three countries! Made with Love! Enjoy.

information on film:
Title: Colors of Passion
Date: 1997
Genre: interracial
Company: Bestseller AB

File format: avi
Video: MPEG2 Video 704x576 (4:3) 25fps
Audio: MPEG Audio 48000Hz mono 64kbps
Size: 3,87Gb
Runtime: 02:11:53

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