Anita Dark Collection


Aliases: Anita Pansy, Sonia Berger
Nasstoyaschee name: Anita Perger
Date of Birth: 11 April 1975
Place of birth: Hungary
Height: 169 cm
Volumes: 36C-22-32
Career: 1994-1999, 2001-present
Anita Dark real name is Anita Perger. Born April 1, 1975 in Budapest, Anita wanted to be a model. By 15 she had the experience of participating in local beauty contests, one of which held its first victory. After 3 years, continuing to be a favorite of the Hungarian regional beauty contests, Anita began performing a striptease. In 1994 he received the crown of Miss Budapest, a career in striptease led her through the whole of Eastern Europe. Next, Anita moved to Amsterdam, where her memoirs: "My agent talked me off naked." A positive decision about the shooting in the end helped catch the eye of director Pierre Woodman, who worked with the studio Private, and who had to his credit the discovery of such stars as Anita Blond and Nikki Anderson. As acknowledged by Anita: "at first I was not going to be in porn."
At first casting at Woodman Anita behaved trapped and embarrassed in front of the camera even just taking off clothes. Anita lose their virginity at age 15, but the first experience was so unpleasant that even two years after that, she abstained from sex. Even leading the life of a dancer and nude model, she had no promiscuity, as many teenagers. However, the lure of fame and career inherent porn actress revenue broke the shyness is not a single girl from Central Europe in the 90s, this is true for Anita. Vospoimnanie Anita about this time: "I went on it for fun, as a way of undermining with friends. I have stirred the recognition of sexual and love of others, but I hate when people recognize me on the street. I can not even count how many I had sex ".
Anita Berger took the alias Sonia (Sonia Berger) and starred in the first hardcore movie "Pornospektiva" ("Pornovista", 1994), directed by Pascal Delaunay and partner on the site was Anita Blond. His first film actress described the experience this way: "it was very difficult. First time I had anal sex, and the feeling was very unusual". Anita Blond later became a close friend of our heroine and talked about it this way: "in addition to Leah Martini, Anita Dark - my favorite actress. Like me, she is a native of Hungary, we know each other for a long time and is quite close. Every time on the set of new movie we are inseparable. I enjoy having sex with her. Maybe we better have studied each other's bodies than even our guys. " Girls often were shot together and certainly enjoyed their tandem explosive force which gave overt sexuality unity of the two hottest typecasting - blondes and brunettes.
Most of the early films featuring Anita were lifted by small German and Italian studios. The quality of these films did not differ, however, because of these surve
ys starlet has learned to get free in front of the camera. With that experience, for it ceased to be sexual taboos, shooting in group scenes Cum shot to the face and went into her arsenal. But the most impressive she called the experience "with three guys ... without a camera." New alias Anita Pansy, existed s1994 to 1995, was replaced by the final version of Anita Dark. With this name, she starred in several scenes of anal and double penetration scenes. Unfortunately, contrary to the statement on the official website of the stars love to anal sex "more than everything else," after 1995 such scenes with Anita was not released. Since 1995 Anita has strengthened the status of important European stars, which was conquered and almost added at the end of the year award MTV Movie Mario Salieri (Mario Salieri Film Award).
Anita Dark Star soon gained extreme popularity among the audience, thanks to its delicious forms a miniature body, pretty face and a captivating smile. In 1996, the company Marc Dorcel's VMD started working with her. This was a significant career achievement, because at that time the company was one of the largest among European Porno studio with a long list of stars lit them: Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Maria De Sanchez, Lea Martini and Olivia Del Rio. By the end of 1996, Anita was awarded the title of best European porn actress at the Brussels Film Festival for adults (Brussels Adult Film Festival). The French edition of Penthouse magazine has brought it to the seven leaders of porn stars of this year, the company's top-7 she made: Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Olivia Del Rio, Lea Martini, Coralie and N'J De Bahia
Despite his reputation as a workable actress, the language barrier of English and French language the more times created serious difficulties in the process of filming. On the set has become one of the most expensive projects of French porn "L'Experience" (1996) with the participation of German actress Kelly Trump (Kelly Trump) attempts French-English translator Anita wishes to convey to the director in a particular scene were in vain. Every time Anita listened to instructions from the translator, said: "yes, yes" and performed in the frame something of their own, and not that he had asked the director. Over time, it became clear that her "yes, yes," was the evidence complete lack of understanding companion, and too little knowledge of English did not allow her to ask clarifying questions. Having overcome all the difficulties, the film is completed and it has become the most significant work, a masterpiece in a career as Anita and Kelly.
Following the example of many of his European colleagues at the time, Anita attempted to conquer the United States, in 1996-1997, she appeared in two films "Private Stories 9" and "The Voyeur 8".
"One day, I and three friends - why not take a plane ticket to Los Angeles, because there are many opportunities as dyal entertainment and for earnings. We were very pleased with the trip and the work that subsequently returned there again and again" - says Anita . A close friend of Anita Blond, by itself, often accompanied by a compatriot on the set and overseas. This bright pair undoubtedly established itself in the American porn industry. However, before the high-profile titles and big contracts in the states did not come because the viewer preferences were on the side of the native American Stars. Realizing the futility of the U.S. market for itself, Anita soon finally returned to Europe, where he was again awarded the Brussels Festival, becoming the "best porn actress in 1997." Already in 1999, Anita Dark decides to break irrevocably with pornobiznesom, commenting on the decision only a brief phrase: "I am too tired of it." Fight fatigue she decided to change her work seriously and has returned to modeling career.
The appearance of Anita in various television commercials and print advertising has not brought the desired money. In the search for more revenue in 2000, she immigrated to the U.S. state of Florida. There she was married. Here's what she says about the move from Europe: "I like the life here, but I can say that in Europe, I do not miss. Missing and strong ... and, of course, remaining there for the family, without them I find it hard. Yet My new life in a new homeland to my liking. "
Parents never approved of shooting his daughter in porn movies. "They make sure that I do not do anything like that. Im my job was unpleasant," - says Darke. In fact, she assured parents that the move to the United States needs to continue modeling career. In states like model Anita starred in commercials and on shows underwear, and a secret from his parents and has participated in a nude photo shoot.
On his plans following the model said: "My dream - to become a Hollywood star. Feel that I can do it. Not in this life, then in the next." Anyway, as for films for adults had to go back. With one small condition - no scenes with men. So there was some lesbostsen with American actresses, among them we can mention Amber Lynn (Amber Lynn). Another way to earn money to which Anita resorted in 2003 is a striptease and escort services.
Anita Dark, despite his refusal to pornosemok, but judging by the numerous reviews on the websites of escort services, have not lost their sexual ardor. One of these comments: "Simply put, it is incredible. A man who said that happiness can not be bought with money, never tumbled with Anita Dark, so that the sheets are soaked with sweat. This girl is just amazing .. in the sense that I literally shaking with ososznaniya what really went to bed with her. Her body twists and features ... it seems too good to exist in reality. "
Yes, she will forever be remembered as one of the most beautiful women in the European porn shone the mid-1990s. In the words of her Marc Dorcel (Marc Dorcel): "It fills the sensuality and spontaneity of each episode of stay in the frame. Even if Anita Dark has not acted in porn films, she certainly would have graced the covers of magazines."