Amber Rayne & Lyla Storm – Ultimate Surrender


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Amber Rayne & Lyla Storm – Feather Weight Semi Finals. Amber Rayne is Back on our Mats.​
Amber Rayne is back on the US mats. Her last season was season 7. Her last non-tournament match was with Rain Degrey and she was able to pry some orgasms out of Rain in that match. Today’s she’s back and looking to pry some more orgasms from her opponent. Little Lyla isn’t going to go down easy. She’s undefeated this season. She’s ranked 3rd in the tournament for a reason. Both girls are in it to win it. Lyla wants to make it to the finals and Amber wants to show the world she’s still got it.
This match only goes 2 rounds. There’s an illegal head butt at the start of round 3. It happend as soon as the whistle blew for round 3 to start. Amber Rayne could not see out of her eye and could not continue so the winner with the most points at the end of round 2 moves on to the finals.​