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Samantha (46 mins) Samantha is a proper Londoner who's contacted me looking for work. I told her that she should come and pay me a visit so we could discuss her future and opportunities which I could potentially open for her. She was a very friendly girl who had just finished her studies and need to earn some fast cash. After the usual chit chat I started to explain to her that I needed to see her body in order to get her work... Fair play her body was amazing and I was getting extremely hot when she was playing with herself in front of me on the couch... I went over to touch her but she was a bit reluctant to let me at first. But after a little more convincing she let me in and started to really enjoy herself. We fucked all shapes and in the end I bolted all across her face. Samantha you're going to be a star!

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Samia (42 mins) Samia is a sexy Spanish girl who has a smoking hot body and great attitude towards life. Her smile and accent was making me horny, I couldn't wait to get her out of her clothes and see what she had underneath. She has a very friendly personality and it was a pleasure to chat with her even though her English was not amazing. She told me that she had been doing some website work and run a couple of blogs but was looking for more work. I explained for her about my clients with big money and she was very interested in what I had to say to her. When se did take her clothes off her body was awesome. Especially her bum which was super fit! We had a great session on the couch and I ended up spunking all over her sweet ass! Happy days!

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Andi (36 mins) I was happy when Andi had calmed down and decided to come back to do a proper casting interview with me. After she'd actually thought about my offer she realised that it might be a good idea to do the casting. When she did come back she was very apologetic and said that both her and Claudia really needed the money.... I wasted no time and got her to take her clothes off and I was soon balls deep inside her... After a bit of furious pumping I was ready to explode. I came inside her which was a bit silly thinking about it now. Hope my sperm was still drunk from the night before!!!

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Claudia (40 mins) Claudia came into the casting interview with her girlfriend Andi. I could see straight away that they were close and maybe that this would cause problems. The girls said they wanted to work together but I had to let them know that they would be extremely limited to the amount of work they could get if they didn't do boy/girl scenes. Andi was against the idea of letting a man touch her love and totatlly flipped out when Claudia was warming to the idea... It got qutie intense and Andi stormed out of the office... Claudia being the older of the two was very interested in getting the well paid jobs so I carried on with just her... She bought my story and she said that she was excited about the idea of having sex with a man again after such a long time. I could tell she was loving it when I thrust my cock up her. We had amazing sex on the couch and I bolted a bit too early for my liking. Oh well when a pussy is that good it's hard to control the jizz!

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Anita (60 mins) Anita has amazing natural breasts which were just crying out to be realeased from their bra... Luckily I was there to convince her to get her tits out. At first she was a little bit reluctant to get them out but after a while and a good deal of talking she got them out. She told me that her dream was to get a house so I told her that if she worked in the erotic busineses she could realise that dream in a couple of years time. We had some great fun with a slippery tit wank, with those puppies it was a real pleasure. I ended up with a classic creampie. All in all a successful casting. Love them tits!!!!

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Eva (44 mins) Eva is a wolf in sheeps clothing... She looks so innocent and cute I thought she was going to be a good girl but I was so wrong. One of the first things she said to me was that she liked to control men. I was a bit taken back. Turns out the angelic looking Eva is a hardcore dominatrix who likes doing warped things in the bedroom. I started to think of what she would do to me if she had the chance and I started pitching a tent in my trousers.... Turns out she wanted to show her sex skills in front of camera but she was willing to try more erotic sex as oppose to her dominatrix role. To be honest I didnt' fancy letting a 21 year old girl who's half my size dominate me!!! So we did things my way... After I got her naked it was only a matter of time before she was down on her knees sucking my cock. I pounded her hard and finished off with a creampie. Eva keep up the good work!

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Reka (43 mins) Reka is a Pocahontas looking sexy 19 year old who contacted me looking for some fashion model work. She looked so appetising on my couch I could hardly contain my excitement! She wanted to work as a fashion model but I had to be honest with her that she was too short to become one. I told her that they are usually looking their models to be 180cm plus to be in the fashion shows. She seemed a bit disappointed so I went on to explain to her how much money she could make in the adult industry.... At first I think she was a bit shocked but as I explained the money involved she soon changed her mind. It was game on and she looked fantastic with no clothes on and even better on her knees sucking my cock. Her ass was perfect for reverse cowgirl.... When she was jiggling on top of me I couldn't hold back and I quickly released for the cumshot. Fair play that girl knows how to ride stick!!!

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Mary (41 mins) Mary is a cute blonde with beautiful blue eyes and a great figure. She came back to my office for her casting interview after I'd had that brief visit from her when she popped in with her friend Dasha. I knew that Mary was going to be quite an easy casting as she had already sucked my cock just minutes after I met her... This girl was keen to get work in the adult industry to fund her studies in Europe! Her attitude was very good and she had no problem with doing what I said. I went through my usual spiel and she was soon lying on my couch playing with herself. I soon joined the party and we picked up from where we left off last time. It was great fun and in the end I spunked all over her nice flat stomach!!!

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Dasha (66 mins) Dasha is a very cute girl who is eager to please and has lots of enthusiasm. She is a little on the chubby side but she is such a sweetheart that it didn't really make any difference to me. Fair play to the girl she gave 120% in this casting and I was very impressed with her blowjob skills. Dasha told me that she was studying in Europe and needed money to get by. After I explained to her how much money she could make in this industry she was happy to do anything I wanted her to. Also, she had a friend Mary who she said wanted to do some work as well but she was late arriving so I decided to cast her separately.... It was a bonus in the end when Mary turned up and started sucking my cock as well. When we got into the session I tried anal with Dasha and she was loving it. She loved it so much I decided to finsih off with an anal creampie. I can't wait until my interview with Mary, this shit could get interesting!!!

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Rebecca (73 mins) Rebecca is a very sexy girl who is looking for some excitement in her life. She was a well spoken girl with sexy blowjob lips and a great figure. Obviously at first she had too many clothes on so I had to sweet talk her quite a lot before I got any where with this girl. Unlike some of the other girls I've had on my couch Rebecca was harder to convince that I wasn't trying to con her. It must have taken me around 20 minutes to persuade her to get naked. But I finally cracked her and it was worth the wait. Her pussy was so moist and juicy it tasted like success. When I slipped my cock inside her it felt like heaven.... I couldn't resist going in for anal. She had never done it before so was a bit reluctant but I slipped it in gently and she was enjoying it. I ended up spunking all over her silky smooth stomach. Rebecca you're welcome on my couch anytime!!!

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