Amateur australian girls show closeup

Carly T Age: 19 After Dark

The beautiful, quiet and reserved Carly as you've never seen her before! Showing off her stunning toned body, long legs and small, pert breasts she moves along the sofa flirting and undressing.
Keeping effortlessly seductive eye contact with you as she slowly removes her dress and runs her hands along her stocking covered legs, she'll have you willing her on for more as she gets close to her wet pussy and full bush!

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Sidney Age: 19

Beautiful new Brunette model Sidney debuts in this very natural and great looking shoot. Showing off her slim, pale body, cute smile and pert breasts she undresses next to the large open window leading out onto the canal.
Her smooth skin goose-bumping up with the cold from outside she dares open the door to the water, stepping outside into the cold Amsterdam day and throwing out some bread for the more than inquisitive swans. With nothing more than an open jacket on as she bares her naked body and smooth shaved pussy to the cold, she soon needs to run in to warm up.

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Maya C Age: 22

In the kitchen the beautiful dark haired Maya sits effortlessly flirting with you as she eats her fruit and runs her hands over her amazing, slender body, long legs and full pert breasts.
Exposing her pussy and trimmed pubes she starts to slowly touch herself, moving from the chair top the kitchen counter, your eye's tracking her every movement!
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Carmina Age: 20

The beautiful pale skinned and sexual Carmina pampers herself and her soft Spanish skin with a bath of milk! Dripping it over her pert breasts and puffy nipples she is effortlessly seductive with every move she makes.
Stripping down to nothing but her glasses she exposes her amazing, svelte body, smooth shaved pussy and toned physique. Bathing and washing herself down with the shower head you'll be transfixed on every subtle twitch of her body.
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Latisha Age: 18

Latisha's sultry yet effortlessly seductive mannerisms play out through her slim, natural body, the flicks of her dark hair and the piercing gaze of her green eyes.
Holding back from exposing her small, pert breasts and her well trimmed pussy she slides underneath the covers to tease out the reveal from you for as long as possible!
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Aletta & Misha

Watching the beautiful blonde, tall, slender Misha from the kitchen Aletta can't resist going over for a closer more intimate look at what she's up to. Coming closer and catching eye contact the two seduce each other, illuminated by the bright sun illuminating the stark white room.
Pressing her newly washed t-shirt against Aletta's large, pert breasts and exposing her bra Misha hints at what she wants next! Pressing each other up against the wall, moving onto the chair and down to the floor they entwine thier naked bodies, licking, kissing squeezing and inserting into each others wet pussies and as the passion ramps up they even experiment in some anal together.
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Alyssa & Merel Intimate Moments
Dark skinned Dutch Merel wants to learn some Spanish and who else to ask then beautiful pale skinned Alyssa. Soon the trending topic is body parts.
They even get a little gender critical. But not for long, when they see each others perfect breaststhey can only speak about masturbating and orgasms. After this very active IM Merel apologized: 'I am sorry it took so long, but I could not stop sucking Alyssa's nipple, it was fantastic!'
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Martha & Merel Intimate Moments
Martha is a Ukrainian beauty with a slender body and soft olive skin. Merel is a playful chick with a cute smile and with smooth dark skin.
Martha dries her hair after a shower while Merel helps her to rub lotion into her olive skin. First Martha takes of her top and reveals her petite boobs. Merel is next and she takes off her white t-shirt and displays her tan lines around her small breasts.
Both of them slowly move into a very intense masturbation session with a lot of sensual kissing and soft touching.
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Joannie & Petria: Age: 18, Height:175, 162, Intimate Moment, Masturbation Video

We've all waited a really long time to see Petria's lovely long fingers delve deeply somewhere sticky - today's the day folks!
Joannie & Petria get naked together, spread their legs nice and wide before starting to rub... their soft gasps and delicate quivers are mesmerising, their orgasms boner-inducing!
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Carly T & Rebekah: Age: 19, Height: 167

It's a giggling, wiggling, jiggling feast for the eyes and loins today as Carly and Rebekah bounce around and have a laugh in this super different GirlGirl 'Fun' shoot!
Moody lighting in AW photographer Jackie's home studio + no bras + creative camera angles = a lively, entertaining shoot you'll love!

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