All of Me Cadinot 1985

All of Me / Cadinot / 1985

Title: All of Me / Aime Comme Minet
Studio: Cadinot / French Art
Cast: Pierre Buisson, Loic le Gallec, Luigi di Como, Frederic LeMaire, Ducko Vuckovic
Director: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Genre: twink, anal, pre-condom, vintage
Year: 1985
Runtime: 60 min
Country: France
Keeping along the same line as Dream Boys, this film affords a sample of Jean-Daniel Cadinot's marvelous ability to sustain a certain mood. This beautifully rendered film was (a) first Cadinot experience and, (if you're) a chicken-hawk, (you will) never forget it.

"I never make a film only to please the public" Jean-Daniel said. "I work for myself. If others happen to enjoy my work, fine. I always have several themes in mind, and when I find the actors who can help me realize those themes - men I myself am attracted to - then I make a film."

All Of Me stars Pierre Buisson as a youngster who comes to Cadinot's studio to interview for a modeling job. French film maker Cadinot has recreated for us his first meeting and photo session with one of his most seductive and desirable models, Pierre Buisson. But he's done it one better by including, in live action, the experiences that Pierre to him during the modeling session.



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