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Hostiserver Ltd. - We think of us as an ambitious team of IT-professionals with extensive experience in providing quality hosting for a wide range of needs. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, and our approach is based on the traditional values of business, such as honesty, hard work, patience and, of course, supplemented by a tremendous experience of servicing. We have datacenters at PhoenixNAP AZ, US, and SwitchDataCenters, Amsterdam, NL.

Get them while they are still smokin':


E3-1230v3 / 16 RAM / 2x1TB SATA / 2IP / 10TB - 130$

E3-1230v3 / 16 RAM / 256SSD + 2x750 SATA / 2IP / 10TB - 145$

E3-1230V3 / 2x8GB / 1x1TB SATA + 256GB SSD (Samsung 840 PRO) / 2IP / 10TB - 155$

E3-1230v3 / 16 RAM / 2x1TB SATA / 2IP / 100MBps unmetered - 179$

E3-1230v3 / 16 RAM / 256SSD + 2x750 SATA / 2IP / 100MBps unmetered - 199$

E3-1230v3 / 16 RAM / 2x1TB SATA / 2IP / 100TB - 279$

E3-1230v3 / 16 RAM / 256SSD + 2x750 SATA / 2IP / 100TB - 299$

2xE5620 / 8x8GB RAM / 4x2TB SATA / LSI MegaRAID 9271-4i / 2IP / 10TB - 280$

2xE5-2670V2 / 4x16GB / 1x512GB SSD Samsung 840 PRO + 2x750 WD7500BPKX / 5ip / 10TB - 569$


E3 1230v3 / 16 GB ECC DDR3 / 2x1TB / 2ip / 10TB - $158

E3 1230v3 / 16 GB ECC DDR3 / 2x750GB + 256GB SSD / 2ip / 10TB -$168

E3 1230v3 / 32 GB ECC DDR3 / 2x1TB / 2ip / 5TB - $180

HostiServer relies on:

• Lighting Fast Setup, even on WEEKENDS

Our staff will make every effort in order to make the server available to you as soon as possible. Basically, this process takes up to 24 hours if choosing an available configuration. If ordered server configuration is not available in stock, the set-up may take up to three days, depending on the availability of the ordered parts, and the capacity of our support team. You can always ask the duty manager for the details.

• 24/7 SUPPORT

Tell us your problems, we are here to solve them! Just contact our support staff by opening a ticket.


Automatic MySQL backups! In case of damage or destruction of DB you have the ability to restore data via our customer support.

• IPv6 for FREE

On all our servers IPv6 is available for free.

• Ongoing technical SUPPORT

Leasing our server, you will have the guaranteed technical support for your projects. They will be under constant monitoring (Ping-monitoring, monitoring of all services, system load). Our professional staff will set up a fully dedicated server to the needs of the client, install all the necessary applications as you request. In this case, the transfer of data from another hosting provider is one of our duties.

Ultra FAST internet connectivity using TIER 1 and 3 transit-free network

On our server, you get premium channels from operators with an impeccable reputation and status: Cogent Communications and Hurricane Electric. This configuration in conjunction with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), provides a redundancy of information flow and provides a quick, uninterruptible traffic at any time.

FLEXIBILITY, You get what YOU want

Need something that is not mentioned on our website? We can setup any configuration you would like, just let us know. You need 32 HDD's for your server, no problem! Tell us all your needs!


Because we want to reward your trust! Choose a yearly plan and we will apply a healthy discount to it.



Bring your friends and make money with us!

Earn 5% of every payment each customer you refer to us makes for the entire duration of their hosting account! When you refer someone to our website with your unique referral ID, a cookie is placed on their computer containing this ID so if they bookmark the site and come back later you will still receive the commission.

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