AAH-Enlistee Joey

AAH-Enlistee Joey

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Joey has always wanted to help others, so he recently got the idea to go into the Navy to serve on humanitarian missions. He wasn't sure he wanted to be part of military life but now he has decided this is the course he wants to chart. He also likes the physical challenges that life in the military present. The job he's going to be doing is classified, so he really can't tell us too much about it. He's showing off his tattoos today, which are stretched across a canvas of fine, tan skin and developing musculature. He unbuckles his belt and works on his cock through the cotton of his underwear for a few moments before he whips out a good-sized, uncut monster. He slumps a little on the couch as he gets more comfortable, stroking his cock against a black bush of pubic fur. He pulls the purple foreskin all the way up over the pink dick head while caressing his balls with the other hand. Slipping his shorts down to his ankles, he spreads his legs wide, giving a glimpse of his anal crack. He rolls onto his stomach and fingers his hole briefly before flipping onto his back and laying across the sofa. His balls pull in tighter to his taint and his body tenses. He lets out a whimper and cum squirts from his foreskin, landing on his neck in a giant white gob. Several more streams issue from his cock and land on his taut stomach.

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