A Warning To All

When you try to download from turbobit you get ths message: " Our service is currently unavailable in your country. Sorry about that". It isnt available in the US. If your are looking for a way around it please whatever you do DONT DOWNLOAD a program like Expat Shield, Ultrasurf, Foxy Proxy, Free VPN or the like that hides or gives your computer a new IP address to fool turboboit into thinking youre computer is from another country. They do not work and you will screw up your computer horribly. Once you exit the program you get a nice little surprise you will NOT be able to connect to the internet because it deleted, removed your IP address or God know what it did with it and the only solution is to do a system restore to get your IP address back again and keep your fingers crossed that is is successfull. I know because it happened to me.