A Nice Freebie That I Stumbled Upon

Go to:
http://www.hotmovies.com and look for a green box at the top left of the page that says: new users get 10 minutes free

without Credit Card Verification and click on it then enter your email address and password, they will send you a verification link, click on it it takes you to the site and logs you in and you get 10 free minutes of streaming porn. No credit card, no bullshit. They have all the enema movies you could possibly want, I typed in 'hydromadam' in the search box and watched 2 of their movies by fast forwarding through the non enema scenes. That way you dont waste your minutes watching nonsense. You can type in 'enema' or 'beth tyler' in the seachbox and youll get good results. Make sure your popup blocker is off or the movie window wont open. And then if you have several email addresses like I do you can logout when your time is used up and start all over again with the new email address. I got to watch 6 great movies for FREE