8th Street Latinas - Nadia Mills - Sweet Nadia / May 31, 2013

8th Street Latinas - Nadia Mills - Sweet Nadia / May 31, 2013

We saw Nadia with a couple shopping bags shaking her hot Puerto Rican ass. We broke the ice asking her a couple questions about the mall acting as if we just moved into the area. After conversing for a little while, we asked her if she would be willing to hang out with us for a couple hours if we paid her for her time. Nadia was street smart enough to know exactly what we were alluding to but she figured she could recoup some of the money she spent on shopping before her boyfriend noticed how much she charged on his card. She had no idea what she was getting into and was shocked when Bruno pulled out his cock he nicknamed Bruiser. She rose to the challenge though and rode him like a pro.

Titulo/Title: 8th Street Latinas - Nadia Mills - Sweet Nadia
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