19Nitten - Grinja and Seva

19Nitten - Grinja and Seva

Wide faced, innocent looking Grinja is radical Sevas willing match. Quick and to the point, they waste little time getting to the rose walled bedroom with floral sheets. In my day wed call the room a passion pit, and surely passion rules as the boys fly out of clothes with much kissing and body sport. They play animal like, two young canines; Grinja a sex pup frolicking with Seva the sex hound. Their movement often by leaps and bounds, as when Grinjas fine tool looms suddenly bigger than life inspiring Seva to work his friend to heat with buck fucking and amorous kissing. It gets a bit wild, but not stupidly so because out come the condoms. I always feel better when a boy shows he has some sense. Seva preps his willing friend with two stabbing fingers while Grinja bites and pillow and loves it. There are transitions of position; every which way. Remember that from when you were young? Remember the delicate art of working flared tip in-out at the sphincter? Tricky business, but Sevas good. He is the hound, after all, and proves it with hearty whole body fucking. Grinja does more than sit back when he transitions to variations on riding the pole this way and that until Seva puts his eager companion into a fuck trance. Ive never seen that before. The climax, coming on each other, is always fun to see. Seva pours ropey semen followed shortly by Grinjas eruption, his excited body looking as if hes drained it dry. Grinja and Seva make a truly memorable pair.

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