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  1. K

    Best Vintage Lesbians - Full Movies 70-90st

    Computer Girls (1984) Screen: Production Year:1984 Country: USA Genre: : Lesbian Classic Language: English Actresses B.B. Zar [LezOnly] Colleen Brennan [LezOnly] Raysheena Mercado [LezOnly] Shantell Day (as Rhonda Shantell) [LezOnly] Tantala Ray [LezOnly] Scene...
  2. gorizon

    German Porno 1970-80s years. [Retro or Vintage]

    German Porno 1970-80s years. [Retro or Vintage] Info: File name: ColorClimax005 Video format: mp4 Runtime : 8min 18s File Size : 62.8 MB Resolution : 480x360 ColorClimax005.mp4
  3. D

    Magazines: Erotik, Vintage & Retro

    1) 30+40+ The collection of magazines 30+40+ is submitted to your attention. Date of an exit: 2011, 2014, 2015 Genre: Mature Number of pages: 100 Format: PDF Country: USA Download file - 233.7 MB 2) 50+ The collection of magazines 50+ is submitted to your attention. Date: 2011 01...
  4. B

    Vintage & Retro- Only Full Movies

    Heisse Stuten (1981) Director: Pierre B. Reinhard Cast :Hubert Geral, Christine Frassati, Laura Clair, Cyril Val, Andre Kay, Cathy Dupre, Gerard Daoud, Vincent Saint-Ouen, Michel Curtis File Name : Heisse Stuten (1981).avi File Size : 951.49 MB Resolution : 640x480 Duration : 01:27:52 Download...