1. H

    Good TGP'S ? - Participate in gathering knowladge about TGP's

    Does anyone know of any good TGP's. I can honoustly speak very highly of The Hun. From their service i get 90 000 plus page hits a day. I don't know, I am a newby webmaster, but to me that is enormous exposure. Anyone interrested, here is the link to their submission page : Submit at The Hun...
  2. A

    Classic TGP site? Why not :)

    I've decided to try with TGP :)
  3. Dr. Filth

    Just launched A collection of the dirtiest porn pics on the web in a no bullshit TGP grid. Amateur Facial, Asian, Ass, Ladyboy, Mature being the main categories, but there's something for everyone who's bored of mainstream, silicone babe porn. 150 new pics uploaded every...
  4. pornkenny

    New porntube

    Hi all! New porntube is opened now. Since 2014 pornkenny is tgp, now porntube. Can you recommend which ad network to use with porntube the best?