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    Sexy female reality TV star admits to having a sex tape

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but there isn't a general discussion or off-topic sub-form on this website. Paranormal reality television star Heathyr Hoffman admits on her okcupid online dating account compatibility questionnaire that she has made a sex tape. The...
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    I need help finding a specific webcam model

    I need help identifying a sex cam model by the name of Heathyr Hoffman. She was on a SyFy channel reality television show in 2009 called "ghost hunters academy" she is a very minor reality television celebrity from 5 years ago. Recently I learned that she has done outright pornography and I am...
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    Heathyr Hoffman from ghost hunters academy topless

    Heathyr Hoffman is a little-known reality television star who was on a SyFy channel show called "ghost hunters academy" in 2009. Dozens of nude/topless photos of her have been discovered online. Here's them!