1. J

    Smokin hot college boy in a wet, bulging Speedo...

    DAMN, this is one HOT ASS BOY!! I love seeing a hard bodies guy all wet like this. I need to rip those tight little Speedo's off him tho haha ;) Jeremy
  2. J

    College boy poses soaking wet in his bulging Speedo...HOT!

    This guy is SOOOO damn CUTE...and sexy as hell! I would love to lick those hot hairy pits...and work my way down his entire boys :) Hope you enjoy him too guys! Jeremy
  3. J

    College rower's hard dick bulging through his skin tight uniform...

    I need to start hanging out at events like this. I can't believe he was just walking around with that erection bulging like that...SO damn hot!! Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  4. J

    Group of hot guys goofin around in Speedos & sandals...

    I think the guy on the left is a VERY sexy man. I love that he's got a little meat on him...and has that sexy hair on his chest. Since I have a foot and sock fetish, I love a lot more about this pic too haha. Hope you guys enjoy them too. Have a great weekend!! Jeremy