1. J

    2 cute college boys in bulging string bikinis

    I would love to see these hot guys from the back too :) Hope you all enjoy as well!! Jeremy
  2. J

    2 HOT guys laid up, head to crotch, in bulging swimsuits, big bare feet on display

    DAMN. This is a sight that I definitely need to run across on the beach...two beautiful guys laid up on each other, bulging swimsuits and big feet on display MMMM. Delicious!! Jeremy
  3. J

    Smokin hot college boy in a wet, bulging Speedo...

    DAMN, this is one HOT ASS BOY!! I love seeing a hard bodies guy all wet like this. I need to rip those tight little Speedo's off him tho haha ;) Jeremy
  4. J

    College boy poses soaking wet in his bulging Speedo...HOT!

    This guy is SOOOO damn CUTE...and sexy as hell! I would love to lick those hot hairy pits...and work my way down his entire boys :) Hope you enjoy him too guys! Jeremy
  5. J

    College rower's hard dick bulging through his skin tight uniform...

    I need to start hanging out at events like this. I can't believe he was just walking around with that erection bulging like that...SO damn hot!! Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  6. J

    Drunk frat boy laid back & spread wide in a thong bikini...

    Holy crap this guy is SOOO CUTE and sexy. Love it all...cute face, sexy body, hot legs, sexy feet...perfect! Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  7. J

    Group of hot guys goofin around in Speedos & sandals...

    I think the guy on the left is a VERY sexy man. I love that he's got a little meat on him...and has that sexy hair on his chest. Since I have a foot and sock fetish, I love a lot more about this pic too haha. Hope you guys enjoy them too. Have a great weekend!! Jeremy
  8. J

    2 HOT guys laid half naked, one's head in the other's crotch, on the beach...

    The way that these guys are laying is SO incredibly sexy to me...the sandy soles of their feet facing the camera..legs spread wide...the one's head laid in the other's crotch hehe. I hope you all enjoy too! Take care :) Jeremy
  9. J

    Rugby guys stripped to their underwear & goofin around (3 pics)...

    There are some really hot guys in this group! I love that these pics involve some of my biggest turn ons...rugby guys, underwear, socks, feet, and guys horsing around ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  10. J

    Furry young boy laid out in bulging speedo briefs...

    DAMN this one HOT BOY! I love all of that fur on his belly and on those sexy legs. From the size of that bulge, it appears that he has quite a lot to look at inside those sexy briefs hehe. Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy