1. J

    Muscular guy wet, shirtless & saggin...Underarmour undies & BULGE showing...

    This guy is SMOKING fucking hot...DAMN. I am not usually into the muscled guys, but this guy is just insanely hot to me. Such a cute face and love those wet sagging shorts...and that BULGE. I hope you guys enjoy him as well. Take care!! Jeremy
  2. J

    Shirtless, saggin frat boys wrestling around, socked feet in the air...

    The shirtless, saggin guy is sexy as FUCK to me. I love the socked feet in the air too...just wish that i had them in my face ;) Let me know what you think guys. Enjoy...and have a happy new year!! Jeremy
  3. Gangbangsex

    Justin Bieber Sexy Shirtless Body

    The sexiest shirtless pictures of Justin Bieber in 2016. Check it out!
  4. Gangbangsex

    (No Sex but Sexy) Channing Tatum's Sexy Shirtless Body

    Take a look at these super hot Channing Tatum pictures, including shirtless moments from the Hollywood hunk!
  5. A

    Bravo Erotica like but with men?

    someone knows of a website like Bravo Erotica, but with pictures of men? basically, a website with lots of men. for every man, one or more galleries. for every gallery, a handful or more of photos featuring him, preferably alone, at least shirtless. whether the other body parts are covered or...
  6. J

    Furry chested frat boy posing in low slung saggin shorts

    What a cute guy...and I love that sexy furry chest. A shirtless, sagging guy...seeing just a bit of his underwear like so sexy to me :) Jeremy
  7. J

    4 cute college boys posing in their undies...arm in arm...

    I love that these guys are all different shapes and sizes...should be something for everyone here. Which one is your favorite? Take care guys! Jeremy
  8. J

    3 shirtless, saggin redneck boys posing for the camera

    I think all 3 of them are kinda hot in their own ways, but the guy on the left really gets my dick hard. I would do anything that hot redneck boy wanted me to LOL :P Take care and enjoy guys. Jeremy
  9. J

    Shirtless, barefoot redneck in dirty jean shorts...

    There is something really hot about a redneck guy like him...shirtless, barefoot, in those dirty shorts...WOOF! Let me know what you guys think. Take care and enjoy! Jeremy
  10. J

    Half naked Latino college boys playing strip poker...

    DAMN these are some cute boys. What I wouldn't give to pile up in the bed with them and see the game through hehe ;) Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  11. J

    Hairy chested redneck boy shirtless & saggin' at the park...

    I think this guy is sexy as hell! Loving the sexy hairy chest...and the way he's strutting around saggin' and all ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy