1. J

    Uncut college boy caught totally naked on the bus...

    This guy is so damn CUTE...and such a nice body too. I know that uncut dick may not be the biggest thing ever, but I am sure it grows nicely. I wish I could find out haha. Loving the pubes too. Hope you all enjoy him as well. E-mail me any time! Jeremy
  2. J

    Beefy rugby player with his ass out on the field

    This guy is SO damn sexy. I could eat that hot ass all day long. Love seeing a guy in rugby kit anyways...rfom those hot sweaty sneakers on up :) Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  3. J

    Hot rugby player standing totally naked as he holds the trophy!

    Glad he is is proud of the trophy...and apparently his naked body too mmm :) I would love to see what it looks like hard. Enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  4. J

    2 hot ruggers pose with their balls out their shorts after the game!

    I think they are both really sexy in their own ways...and would gladly lick either one of the hot balls ;) Which one do you guys like best? Enjoy! Jeremy
  5. J

    3 hot rugby guys totally naked and goofin off on the bed

    Not sure why these ruggers are so comfortable getting totally naked and doing crazy shit like this...but I am damn sure glad they do it!! Hope you enjoy too guys. Have a great weekend! Jeremy
  6. J

    Shower stall full of hot naked rugby guys after the game

    Mmmmm damn. I wonder if they could squeeze me in there somewhere hehe ;) Hope you like them too! Jeremy
  7. J

    Group of ruggers feeling up their dicks in their skin tight, wet swimsuits

    Mmmm DAMN. I love to see a hot group of ruggers like this. They never seem to care about exposing themselves :) Enjoy! Jeremy
  8. J

    Beefy ruggers pose naked on the field, cupping each others' dicks

    These are some damn sexy men! I want to move those hands out of the way tho...and replace them with my tongue and mouth haha. Enjoy! Jeremy
  9. W

    Rugby Fuckin' Union (2009)

    Release Year: 2009 Genres: sport gear, oral, anal, rimming, group, cumshots Loads of dirty balls, mud sweat and cum in this steamy changing room all action movie...The film kicks off with four beefy rugby lads training for the new season - egging each other on and picking on the new youngster...
  10. J

    Drunk British guy exposing his big uncut dick at a crowded party...

    That is quite a nice piece he's got whipped out there mmm. I needed to be that that party haha. I love how he doesn't care who sees it too! Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  11. J

    Rugby guys stripped to their underwear & goofin around (3 pics)...

    There are some really hot guys in this group! I love that these pics involve some of my biggest turn guys, underwear, socks, feet, and guys horsing around ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  12. J

    2 young rugby guys naked on the bus, socks on their dicks...

    Mmm these guys are really cute. I would love to yank those socks off with my teeth and go to town on them hehe. I hope they get your dicks hard too guys! Take care. Jeremy