1. J

    Drunk str8 guy flashing his hairy, wet ass outside...

    DAMN, that is one sweet ass. I am not sure what it is wet with, but I know I would love to spray something all over it hehe. Let me know what you think guys. Take care and have a great day! Jeremy
  2. J

    3 college boys caught totally naked in the kitchen...

    Damn, those are some fine asses. I just wish the one in the middle would have turned around a bit more ;) Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  3. J

    Frat boy mooning the camera...balls and hole included :)

    My tongue would enjoy spending quite a while in between those delicious cheeks ;) Hope you all enjoy him too. Jeremy
  4. J

    Hot trashy redneck mooning the camera...

    I love trashy, redneck guys mmmm. I would love him to get that hot furry ass in my face :) Enjoy! Jeremy
  5. J

    Cute hipster guy exposing his PERFECT bubble butt in a park

    That is truly one perfect bubble butt...damn. I love how nice and furry it is too. Would definitely love to get my hands...and tongue...on that hehe. Enjoy! Jeremy
  6. J

    Frat boy mooning the camera...ass & hole exposed!

    That is one damn HOT ASS!! Why can't I run across a scene like this haha. Gotta love those frat boys!! Jeremy
  7. J

    Frat boy stripped naked, feet in the air, at a spring break party!

    DAMN what I wouldn't give to have been at this party. That boy is so fuckin cute...and what an incredible ass. Sexy feet too. Hope you enjoy him as well. Hit me up any time! Jeremy
  8. J

    Shirtless construction worker bends over & moons the camera...

    This is one DAMN SEXY guy. I would love to lick every in ch of his sexy sweaty body hehe. Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  9. J

    Hot guy bare assed in the locker room...peek at his balls too...

    Damn this boy has a hot ass. His buddy is damn cute too. Pity he was wearing too many clothes hehe. I bet he would love to rub his mate's ass ;) Take care! Jeremy
  10. J

    Straight guy pulls feet over his head, mooning the camera...hole, balls, & all!

    MMMMMMM damn. I could eat that hot hairy ass all day long...what about you guys? Take care and have a great weekend!! Jeremy
  11. J

    College guy caught squatting & exposing his naked ass...

    ...and what a hot ass he has. My tongue would love to spend some time down there ;) Sexy socks too! Let me know what you think guys. Take care! Jeremy
  12. J

    Camo wearing redneck mooning the camera...

    I love me some hot redneck guys. The buddy that's flipping off the cam is pretty damn sexy too. Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  13. J

    Drunk guy passed out, ass exposed & defaced with a marker...

    Mmmm that is one nice ass. I love how he is passed out on top of his drunk buddy...with his dick almost in the other guy's face. I would love to eat that ass all day. Take care guys, and everyone have a great weekend! Jeremy
  14. J

    Young guy mooning the cam, spreading his ass cheeks wide!

    Mmm I would take that as invitation...and slide my tongue all the way in that hot hole. What would you guys do hehe? Take care and enjoy! Jeremy
  15. J

    Drunk boy mooning the cam, spreading his ass cheeks wide...

    I LOVE to see a straight boy mooning the camera...especially when he spreads his ass like this and shows is hole lol. This guy's ass in incredibly hairy...and I think it's hot as hell hehe. Take care and enjoy my friends!! Jeremy
  16. J

    Sweaty, shirtless yard worker flashing his sexy ass...

    Guys like this turn me on BIG TIME. Seeing a sexy, sweaty guy working out in the yard like this...woof :) I would lick every inch of that sexy sweaty body! Enjoy guys...and have a great weekend! Jeremy
  17. J

    2 cute young punks mooning the camera...

    I think the short guy on the right is really cute. I would love to see either one of those sexy asses up close and personal though hehe ;) Enjoy guys, and have a great weekend!! Jeremy