1. J

    3 military guys in their undies...front and back...some HOT asses!

    OMG these guys are HOT. I love the second pic of them showing off those hot hairy ass cheeks hehe. Let me know what you think guys. Send me a message! Jeremy
  2. J

    Cute, beefy college guy posing totally naked and spread wide on the bed...

    DAMN. This is one sight I would love to walk in on!! HE is sexy as FUCK. Cute face and hot body too. I would love to lick him all over, from his feet to his pits! Hope you all like him too :) Jeremy
  3. J

    Russian Army guys hanging out on the bed in just their undies

    The guy on the left is just about to let a nut slip outta those sexy undies. These guys have fuckin amazing bodies...especially nut slip guy hehe. Let me know what you think guys! I love to chat :) Jeremy
  4. J

    Russian Army guy caught showing off his nice shaved dick,,,

    I would love to be right in between those legs, with that hot shaved smooth dick in my mouth. He is sexy as fuck! Hope you guys enjoy him too. Have a good one! Jeremy
  5. J

    3 Army guys lay in the sun in nothing but socks on their dicks or tiny undies

    All 3 of these guys are pretty damn hot. I am not sure which one I would go for fist ;) I think I would start with the tatted up one in the hat, then move on to the one with the sock on his dick and go from there. Which one would you choose first? Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  6. antoniod_d

    US Army girls
  7. J

    3 Russian Army guys caught naked & cupping in the showers...

    Would be perfect if these cute boys would move their damn hands haha. Still glad to at least see almost all of those sexy bodies ;) Message me any time guys. I love to chat. Take care! Jeremy
  8. J

    Cute military boy posing naked in the barracks...

    This is one DAMN cute boy...cute face, toned body, and nice uncut dick too. Hope you all like him as much as I do haha. Enjoy! Jeremy
  9. J

    Army guy passed out with his massive balls out his torn undies (2 pics)

    DAMN...those are some nice big balls! I would love to get my tongue in between those legs and go to town hehe. Let me know what you think guys. Enjoy! Jeremy
  10. J

    3 European Army boys hanging out in their boxerbriefs...

    These are some pretty damn cute and sexy guys. I love that you can get a peek at the feet of a couple of them as well. Just wish I could get them out of those tight little boxerbriefs though haha! Enjoy guys. Jeremy
  11. J

    Russian sailors caught naked in the locker room

    I actually love the pubes...think it is fucking hot. Nice uncut dicks too...and such cute guys! I hope you enjoy them too :) Jeremy
  12. J

    Group of Russian military guys caught naked in the locker room...

    Quite a damn sexy group mmm. Just wish that the others would move their hands haha. Enjoy! Jeremy
  13. J

    2 hot military boys sunbathing in their underwear...

    That would be quite a nice sight to run across mmmm. Damn sexy men :) Jeremy
  14. J

    Military guys posing in a bulging jock strap and boxerbriefs...

    That guy on the left with that massive bulge really makes my dick rock hard ;) Let me know what you think guys. Take care and enjoy them both! Jeremy
  15. PIMP20

    Military Fucks-Yes We Fuck In The Military

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  16. J

    European military boy hanging out in his undies and bare feet mmm

    This guy is soooo cute to me. I love the dusting of hair on his chest too...and those sexy FEET mmm. I could definitely have a good time with him hehe. Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  17. J

    2 Russian military boys posing in little tight briefs

    These are two damn cute boys haha. I wish I was in the same room with them. I would be all over them!! Jeremy
  18. J

    Hot Army boy posing in his boxerbriefs and black socks mmm (2 pics)....

    This guy is soooo damn SEXY to me. From his cute face all the way down that sexy body to his socked feet...YUM!! Let me know what you think guys. Take care and enjoy!! Jeremy
  19. J

    Group of Russian military boys laid on the ground in their briefs

    There are a couple of DAMN sexy boys in this group...and a lot of hot bodies...from those sexy feet up :) Enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  20. gaapoo

    Military Straight Boy Tommy

    Military Straight Boy Tommy Passwort: gaapoo