1. J

    Furry chested college guy in mesh compression shorts & a jock strap

    This guy is SO damn SEXY to me...from his cute face all the way down that sexy furry body of his to his feet! I would give anything just to lick an inch of that sexy boy! Hope you guys enjoy him as well. Hit me up any time! Jeremy
  2. J

    College boy selfie...jerking his dick with cum already all over his face...

    This is one DAMN hot guy. I am not sure how he already has the cum on his face...but this is one damn hot pic. Let me know what you think guys. Take care and message me any time!! Jeremy
  3. J

    Uncut college boy caught totally naked on the bus...

    This guy is so damn CUTE...and such a nice body too. I know that uncut dick may not be the biggest thing ever, but I am sure it grows nicely. I wish I could find out haha. Loving the pubes too. Hope you all enjoy him as well. E-mail me any time! Jeremy
  4. J

    College jock showing off his dick in the locker room

    Damn, this guy is CUTE...and pretty damn sexy too. Just hate that his buddy was hiding behind him like that haha. I would love to have been able to see more of that sexy boy too! Jeremy
  5. J

    Jock caught in the lockers with a nice bulge in his underwear...

    This guy is SMOKING HOT...DAMN! Such a cute face and sexy chest too. Looks like a nice package in those skin tight undies too. I would lick every inch of this stud's body! Hope you guys like him too. Take care! Jeremy
  6. Chipspop

    SeanCody - Nixon & Manny: Bareback [04.February.2017]

    SeanCody - Nixon & Manny: Bareback [04.February.2017] “His eyes, they’re brown and make me weak in the knees a little bit.” Nixon confessed, and Manny couldn’t help but blush. There’s something that Nixon has always wanted to do, but hasn’t yet: cum in somebody’s ass. Manny, being so...
  7. Chipspop

    SeanCody - Mateo & Sean: Bareback [02.February.2017]

    SeanCody - Mateo & Sean: Bareback [02.February.2017] Mateo and Sean are like two buddies just hanging out, throwing around a football and helping each other get off. What else are friends for? Anal, Bareback, Big Dick, Blow Job, Jock, Latin, Uncut, File Format: Mp4 Size: 200 MB | 514 MB |...
  8. J

    3 naked college boys packed into a tiny shower stall

    These are some damn HOT boys. I only wish that I was packed in there with them hehe. Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  9. J

    2 hot college guys in briefs and soccer socks

    I have a thing for socks...and this is one damn sexy picture :) I hope you all enjoy them as well! Jeremy
  10. HOT_COCK_4U

    Getting my dick sucked

    Sweet ass lover sucking on this massive dick. Cum in mouth. He likes these toys And here is the chatroom. Damn, hot ack?nopop&noexit; :):):) And here is a video of themsexy mofos
  11. J

    7 hot straight guys caught all soaped up in the shower room...

    I would be glad to take any of these hot guys haha...they are all pretty damn hot! I hope you all enjoy them too :) Jeremy
  12. J

    Hot rugby player standing totally naked as he holds the trophy!

    Glad he is is proud of the trophy...and apparently his naked body too mmm :) I would love to see what it looks like hard. Enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  13. J

    College boy hangin out in his tight briefs and white socks...

    His redneck buddy is really cute too. I wish that he would have less on haha! I hope you guys enjoy him too. Take care! Jeremy
  14. J

    2 hot ruggers pose with their balls out their shorts after the game!

    I think they are both really sexy in their own ways...and would gladly lick either one of the hot balls ;) Which one do you guys like best? Enjoy! Jeremy
  15. J

    Beefy, hairy str8 man sprawled out in bulging, gaping boxers...

    WOW. This one one fucking sexy man!! I love everything about this beefy stud from his feet to his pits. I need to find him haha. Enjoy! Jeremy
  16. J

    3 hot rugby guys totally naked and goofin off on the bed

    Not sure why these ruggers are so comfortable getting totally naked and doing crazy shit like this...but I am damn sure glad they do it!! Hope you enjoy too guys. Have a great weekend! Jeremy
  17. J

    Cute young jock with balls hanging out of his tiny, tight shorts

    I would love to get my head in between his legs and give those hot balls a good licking ;) Let me know what you think guys! Jeremy
  18. J

    Shower stall full of hot naked rugby guys after the game

    Mmmmm damn. I wonder if they could squeeze me in there somewhere hehe ;) Hope you like them too! Jeremy
  19. J

    Group of naked jocks in the locker room, wearing socks on their dicks

    Damn what I wouldn't give to be in this room full of sexiness mmmm. I would love to pull those socks off with my teeth and go to town haha. Enjoy guys...and Happy Thanksgiving!! Jeremy
  20. J

    Group of ruggers feeling up their dicks in their skin tight, wet swimsuits

    Mmmm DAMN. I love to see a hot group of ruggers like this. They never seem to care about exposing themselves :) Enjoy! Jeremy