1. J

    Farm boy barefoot in the field, briefs pulled up his ass crack

    I think this beefy farm boy is pretty damn HOT. Not sure why he decided to work the fields bare footed and with his undies pulled up his crack, but I am not complaining haha. Maybe next time, he will go totally naked ;) Enjoy! Jeremy
  2. J

    Beefy college boy caught with his pants round his ankles

    I think this beefy college boy is really cute. Hot that he doesn't even seem to care that his pants are round his ankles. Now for those boxerbriefs mmmm ;) Enjoy! Jeremy
  3. J

    Beefy ruggers pose naked on the field, cupping each others' dicks

    These are some damn sexy men! I want to move those hands out of the way tho...and replace them with my tongue and mouth haha. Enjoy! Jeremy
  4. J

    Beefy college boy diapered at a frat party...

    This is one party I wish I had been invited too...because he is sexy as HELL! Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy