1. J

    Str8 boy laid naked in the snow, flipping off the camera...

    That is quite a nice uncut dick he has there, especially for it to be so cold around him hehe. I would love to get him warmed up and get that hot uncut dick of his rock hard. Hope you all enjoy! Jeremy
  2. J

    Drunk frat putting his dick and balls on his passed out bud's neck

    Damn, what I wouldn't give to wake up with that cute boy's dick and balls in my face hehe. Enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  3. J

    Drunk, naked frat boy gets a bottle in his ass while humping his buddy

    He has kind of a goofy looking face, but definitely a nice body...and hot ass! I wish his passed out buddy would have been naked too, cause he is cute as hell! Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  4. J

    2 naked str8 boys...one passed out with his bud's dick in his face!

    I'm sure he has probably had that dick in his face quite a few times...even when he wasn't passed out hehe. Gottat watch those "straight" boys ;) Take care and enjoy, guys! Jeremy
  5. J

    Drunk straight guy about to pass out naked on the bed

    This is one damn cute and sexy guy. I love how straight guys just don't care and strip naked when they get drunk. Just with I was in the room when this scene took place hehe. Enjoy! Jeremy
  6. J

    4 college boys stripped naked & lined up for hazing (2 pics)

    Quite a variety of body types and dick sizes here. I would love to see some of those hot dicks hard mmm. Let me know what you think guys. Take care and enjoy!! Jeremy
  7. J

    Frat boy mooning the camera...ass & hole exposed!

    That is one damn HOT ASS!! Why can't I run across a scene like this haha. Gotta love those frat boys!! Jeremy
  8. J

    College boy's ass exposed as he gets out of the water (2 pics)

    ...and what a hot ass he has...damn!! Let me know what you guys think. Happy Holidays!! Jeremy
  9. J

    Drunk college boy with his dick out at a party...

    ...and who is about to pass out too. I would love him to pass out in my arms ;) His buddy looks like he could eat him up haha. Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  10. gaapoo

    Hazing The New Recruit

    Hazing The New Recruit https://www.oboom.com/U8OL0NSW/koelnghatnrt.part1.rar https://www.oboom.com/NBOQSIWR/koelnghatnrt.part2.rar https://www.oboom.com/5DXOCSSJ/koelnghatnrt.part3.rar http://uploaded.net/file/1cwoavvd/koelnghatnrt.part1.rar...
  11. J

    Frat hazing...hot boy stripped to soaking wet white briefs...

    I love to see a hot guy in briefs...even hotter when they are soaking wet and almost see through ;) Looks like this one has quite a nice package up front! Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  12. J

    Passed out frat boy's ass exposed & written on...

    Damn that boy has a nice ass! I love how he is laying over his other passed out friend. His dick is pretty damn close to that guys mouth ;) Take care and enjoy, my friends! Jeremy
  13. J

    Jock waving dick in his mate's face in the locker room...

    I would gladly take that guys place...and be a hell of a lot more interested haha ;) Enjoy guys...and have a great weekend!! Jeremy
  14. J

    Drunk frat boy stripped naked with a string around his uncut dick...

    This is one CUTE boy...and what a nice uncut dick :) I definitely want to come and party with him haha. Enjoy guys...and have a wonderful weekend!! Jeremy
  15. J

    Cute straight boy dared to lick his friend's balls (3 pics)...

    You wouldn't have to give me any extra encouragement to get my tongue on those hot balls hehe ;) Enjoy guys...and have a great weekend!! Jeremy
  16. J

    Drunk British boys stripped on the side of the road...

    What cute guys! I wish the guy holding up his naked buddy would have gotten out of his clothes too ;) Enjoy guys...and have a great weekend! Jeremy
  17. J

    College boy stripped naked & sprayed with chocolate sauce...

    It amazes me what "straight" guys do for entertainment lol. This guy has a really nice uncut dick...and looks pretty hot laid out naked in the bathroom like that. Enjoy guys...and have a great weekend! Jeremy
  18. J

    Frat hazing - guys made to tongue each others mouths (2 pics)...

    A couple of these pics look like they are really getting into it too, from the looks on their faces.Seeing straight guys making out like this gets me so hot haha. I hope that you guys enjoy too! Take care. Jeremy