1. J

    College guy passed out in tiny, bulging briefs...balls almost out!

    I wish I was there to pull those a bit more to the side and let those big balls out hehe ;) I hope you guys enjoy as well. Take care! Jeremy
  2. J

    Peek up at a cute college guy's shorts, and his big socked feet...

    This guy is so damn CUTE. I love getting a little peek up a guy's shorts. I love socks this pic pushes a couple of buttons for me even though you can't see much. Hope you all enjoy too! Jeremy
  3. J

    3 college boys caught totally naked in the kitchen...

    Damn, those are some fine asses. I just wish the one in the middle would have turned around a bit more ;) Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  4. J

    Frat boy mooning the camera...balls and hole included :)

    My tongue would enjoy spending quite a while in between those delicious cheeks ;) Hope you all enjoy him too. Jeremy
  5. J

    College boys with elephant ears drawn around their stretched out dicks

    I would give anything to get my lips around those trunks hehe. Let me know what you think guys! Jeremy
  6. J

    Drunk, naked frat boy gets a bottle in his ass while humping his buddy

    He has kind of a goofy looking face, but definitely a nice body...and hot ass! I wish his passed out buddy would have been naked too, cause he is cute as hell! Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  7. J

    Buff, tan college boy in his boxerbriefs at a party...

    This guy is sooo damn sexy!! What a body! You can tell from the look on his cute face that he is drunk as fuck too lol. Notice the wet spot on the undies too ;) Wish I was there. Enjoy! Jeremy
  8. J

    4 college boys stripped naked & lined up for hazing (2 pics)

    Quite a variety of body types and dick sizes here. I would love to see some of those hot dicks hard mmm. Let me know what you think guys. Take care and enjoy!! Jeremy
  9. J

    College boy passed out with his ass & balls exposed

    Mmmm damn this is a site that I would love to run across!! That is one incredibly sexy ass. I could eat that all day...lick and suck those big balls too. Enjoy guys. Have a great weekend! Jeremy
  10. J

    Frat guy pulls his semi hard dick out, about to pee in a kitchen drawer!

    This guy is really cute to me...and has quite a nice dick too. I would love to have seen the stream though ;) I wish I was one of his buddies. Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  11. J

    Cute college boy with a bikini pulled up the crack of his bubble ass

    This guy is really cute...but that ass...DAMN!! I could eat that for hours on end hahaha. Let me know what you think guys. Hope you enjoy him as well :) Jeremy
  12. J

    Frat boy mooning the camera...ass & hole exposed!

    That is one damn HOT ASS!! Why can't I run across a scene like this haha. Gotta love those frat boys!! Jeremy
  13. J

    2 hot college guys sprawled out naked on a twin bed

    Damn, I wish I could crawl up in there with them haha ;) Take care guys...and have a wonderful New Year!! Jeremy
  14. J

    Frat boy posing in nothing but tiny jean shorts & cowboy boots

    Quite a sexy guy, in a goofy sort of way hehe. Loving the boots mmmm. Enjoy! Jeremy
  15. gaapoo

    Frat Bro Gang Bang

    Frat Bro Gang Bang
  16. J

    Nearly naked frat boys hang out in a cruise ship hallway...

    Why can't I ever be on a cruise like this one hahaha. Enjoy guys! Jeremy
  17. J

    College boy posing naked & getting nipple licked by his buddy

    I wanna move that army hat and beer can out of the way and see the goods hehe. I am jealous of his buddy who got to lick that nipple ;) Enjoy! Jeremy
  18. J

    Frat boy stripped naked, feet in the air, at a spring break party!

    DAMN what I wouldn't give to have been at this party. That boy is so fuckin cute...and what an incredible ass. Sexy feet too. Hope you enjoy him as well. Hit me up any time! Jeremy
  19. J

    Cute college boy with his ass hanging out of a "Borat" thong bikini.

    Now that is an ass that I could enjoy for quite a while hehe. Very CUTE too! Let me know what you think guys. Take care and enjoy!! Jeremy
  20. J

    Drunk straight guy sucking his dick up in a vacuum cleaner hose!

    Mmmm damn that is a nice dick. I wonder how that felt hehe ;) Let me know what you think guys. Enjoy!! Jeremy