1. S

    Allowed hosts?

    Tell me many file hosts allowed here
  2. intporn

    New file hosts?

    Should we allow some new file hosts to be used as single hosts? These have been suggested:, DepFile,, ZippyShare
  3. intporn

    Banned Hosts

    We are experimenting with banning some file hosts now. The first ones out are: (obviously) (not paying) (not paying) Please let me know how it works out...
  4. E

    Download Managers/Accelerators

    Looking for a little help, please. I'm having no luck with a download manager, Folx. I've exhausted the help/support files on its maker's website and to no avail. I'm trying to download videos and all I seem to be able to download are 20Kb nothing files even from the sharing site with which I...