erotic stories

  1. Blue Amber Rose

    Erotic short stories website

    If you're looking to get your hands on some great free erotic short stories, check it out here:
  2. Blue Amber Rose

    Erotic stories?

    Hey guys, is there anyone on here that has their own erotic stories blog site? Thank you x
  3. Blue Amber Rose

    Best western hentai

    See it here. I may be open to hiring some artists who would like to create their interpretation of my erotic short stories at Blue Amber Rose Erotic Stories Website.
  4. midnight

    Lisa Ann - Erotic Stories

    Video: Windows Media Video 9 888x480 29.97fps 1400Kbps [Raw Video 1] Video resollution: 888 x 480 (Aspect ratio 37:20) Time length: 00:19:24 Filesize: 199MB (209028447 bytes)