1. J

    Muscular guy wet, shirtless & saggin...Underarmour undies & BULGE showing...

    This guy is SMOKING fucking hot...DAMN. I am not usually into the muscled guys, but this guy is just insanely hot to me. Such a cute face and love those wet sagging shorts...and that BULGE. I hope you guys enjoy him as well. Take care!! Jeremy
  2. J

    Cute, muscular young guy posing in wet bulging boxerbriefs...

    Love seeing a guy bulging like that when he gets out of the water. Hot that he likes to go swimming in his boxerbriefs too...they show off a lot more ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  3. J

    Cute college guy showing off his skin tight undies, socked feet in the air...

    Damn what a cutie. I have a thing for socks, so seeing those sexy socked feet up in the air like that is also hot for me...in addition to those skin tight undies mmmm. Enjoy! Jeremy
  4. J

    2 cute college boys in bulging string bikinis

    I would love to see these hot guys from the back too :) Hope you all enjoy as well!! Jeremy
  5. J

    2 hot Eurpoean guys pose outside in tight, bulging undies

    These are some pretty damn sexy guys. I love the nice bulges in there too mmmm. Let me know what you think guys :) Jeremy
  6. J

    Cute, pierced college boy posing in bulging boxerbriefs & socks...

    This is one damn cute, sexy guy. I would love to get a good look at what he's packing in those bulging undies mmm. Everything about him is HOT right down to those sexy socks. Enjoy! Jeremy
  7. J

    Russian college guy stripped to his bulging boxerbriefs

    Mmmmm how I would love to rub my hands all over this sexy boy's body. Looks like he has a nice piece in those bulging undies too :) Enjoy! Jeremy
  8. J

    Smokin hot college boy in a wet, bulging Speedo...

    DAMN, this is one HOT ASS BOY!! I love seeing a hard bodies guy all wet like this. I need to rip those tight little Speedo's off him tho haha ;) Jeremy
  9. J

    Cute college boy in just his wet, bulging boxerbriefs (2 pics)...

    This guy is so cute. Love seeing his pits in the first pic. The second pic shows off just how nice that bulge really is ;) Let me know what you think guys! Jeremy
  10. W

    Bulge (2014)

    Release Year: 2014 Cast: Jimmie Slater, Marxel Rios, Alex Greene, Cameron Kincade, Isaac Hardy, Leo Forte, Rylan Knox, Sean Duran Genres: Anal Temperatures rise when Ns heads to Ft. Lauderdale and packs a house full of hot young guys for a wild week of fucking under the Florida sun! Once the...
  11. J

    HOT college boy showing off a BIG, hard bulge in his briefs...

    DAMN this is one HOT boy. I would love to rub my hands all over that sexy hairy chest...then find out what he's got hiding in those BULGING briefs mmm. Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  12. J

    College rower's hard dick bulging through his skin tight uniform...

    I need to start hanging out at events like this. I can't believe he was just walking around with that erection bulging like that...SO damn hot!! Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  13. J

    Drunk str8 boy in bulging wet boxerbriefs...

    DAMN that is one hot boy...and it looks like he has quite a package too ;) Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
  14. J

    Cute young guy pulling his boxerbriefs up his ass crack...

    Damn this guy is CUTE...and what a HOT ass :) Hopefully you guys will enjoy him too! Take care and enjoy! Jeremy