1. J

    2 hot Eurpoean guys pose outside in tight, bulging undies

    These are some pretty damn sexy guys. I love the nice bulges in there too mmmm. Let me know what you think guys :) Jeremy
  2. J

    4 cute college boys posing in their undies...arm in arm...

    I love that these guys are all different shapes and sizes...should be something for everyone here. Which one is your favorite? Take care guys! Jeremy
  3. J

    CUTE str8 guy laid back in his boxerbriefs, legs spread wide...

    This guy is SO incredibly CUTE!! He could not be laid in any sexier of a pose either...those sexy legs spread wide, boxerbriefs almost gaping open, seeing the outline of his balls through them. DAMN! Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  4. J

    Furry chested str8 boy posing in his boxers & sneakers...

    I love the way he is licking his lips too ;)He is kind of geeky looking, but kind of hit as hell too haha. I LOVE that furry chest...and seein a guy in sneakers always gets my dick hard too ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  5. J

    2 college boys in their undies goof around in the sauna...

    Damn...the guy on the left is SO CUTE! The one on the right has a hot body for sure too. I would love to be in that sauna with them hehe. Take care and enjoy! Jeremy